Dale P. Redlich, JD, NCRC
Co-Founder Pay 2 Patient, LLC

Co-founder of Pay 2 Patient, LLC which is a licensed collection company. The company was formed to assist providers, such as addiction treatment centers, detox facilities physician group practices, Chiropractic practices, individual providers and mental health facilities etc. In the process of collection and retrieval of third party insurance reimbursement funds which some insurance carriers such as Empire and Federal BCBS send directly to their insured or to the client/patient rather than sending such funds to the treatment provider in payment of their fees. This is known as “pay 2 patient collection”.

Subsequently, he retired from the practice of law and founded the Challenges Addiction Treatment Center in 1997.  This facility operated a PHP, IOP and OP residential practice for addiction and dual disorders for many years until it was sold in 2014. As an integral part of operating this facility he was at the forefront of the pursuit of numerous pay 2 patient circumstances which required him to track down and collect such pay 2 patient funds sent by the carriers directly to the patient.

Beatrix Redlich
Co-Founder Pay 2 Patient

Beatrix Redlich is the primary founder of Pay 2 Patient, LLC and in fact has been and remains the driving force behind the successful day to day operation of the company; in fact, she is the President and CEO and is responsible for a majority of client interaction.Her background in collections, accounts receivables, revenue cycle management and debt resolution originates from her work with accounting experts as a commercial litigation, legal and financial support expert.

She spent many years working within various law offices and legal management systems and together with major accounting firms where she was charged with overall management of law office operation as well as the operation of a system of multiple community mental health centers within a management service organization.She is experienced with financial operations, accounts receivable, financial management and participation on management boards as well as being involved with debt collection regarding client debt as well as third party debt. Beatrix has also spent over 17 years as a co-founder and manager of the financial operation of a well-known and successful addiction and mental health residential treatment center and was an instrumental member of the team which founded and ran the company as well as her being involved on a day to day basis with the pursuit and collection of patient debt as well as the oversight and management specifically  of pay 2 patient collections in which role she was responsible for the collection and retrieval of millions of dollar in revenue.

In 2014 the addiction treatment center was sold, and she began working as an AR and collections expert for a system of multiple facility operations. Ultimately, she implemented the company system for collection of Pay 2 Patient debt.  In fact, in this capacity  she has been directly  responsible for the collection of over 2.5 million dollars of Pay 2 Patient fund collection.