Collections Of Revenue

In the case of appropriate advancements and loans to clients, the client should be providing to the drug and alcohol treatment center or detox facility an executed promissory note. It should include a payback schedule, itemized financial statement reflecting liabilities, income and expenses. These should reflect the clients need as well as a request from the client for such advancement. In addition, a statement from the client that they are unable to pay for the particular item of expense for which they are requesting the advancement.

Under no circumstances is it legally appropriate for a substance abuse treatment provider to simply provide funding to a client, or a potential client, merely to influence the client to attend that provider’s treatment program. There is no legally appropriate concept at work in which provider would be placed in a position of “out-bidding” each other for a particular client admission. We are always available to answer any questions about your collection procedures.

The founders of Pay 2 Patient, LLC have many years of experience in Collections

Pay 2 Patient, LLC can and does selectively act as a collection agent to follow such debt and in adherence to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA.) This Federal Law, found at 15 USC Section 1692, follows appropriate guidelines to communicate with and collect such debt from the providers debtor. It includes the amount of co-pays and deductibles owed by the client. In addition, other types of debts owed to the provider by the client such as appropriate and legal loans as well as funds paid to the patient by their insurance company.

The founders of Pay 2 Patient, LLC have many years of experience in substance collections, and will take all legally appropriate actions to follow, communicate with and to obtain repayment of the debt owed to the provider. This is accomplished by a wide variety of proven collections procedures. This also includes the rare cases of legal action although such is rarely recommended as an initial step. The fee charged by Pay 2 Patient,  LLC is based on a contingency percentage of collected fees.

Substance Abuse Collections Costly Mistakes

Behavioral health collections is complicated with many dollars being lost. Addiction treatment centers and private physicians are unaware when providers make payment for services directly to an individual. This happens often with out of network providers. Usually treatment providers find out too late about the circumstances of this payment situation between the providers and an individual.

What are the pitfalls to be aware of if you are a behavioral health provider.

Out of network (OON) claims are usually more costly to the insurance carrier then to the patient? As a mechanism to encourage participation in its’ network mandating carriers will issue payment directly to the provider on behalf of the patient. However, some carriers do not extend this outcome to non-participating or OON providers. Some carriers (Empire and Federal BCBS in Florida) issue payment directly to the patient. The reimbursement check is made payable to the patient not to the service provider. This can disrupt the provider’s cash flow and this creates the Pay 2 Patient circumstance.

This occurs occur when the insured does not execute the assignment of benefits and attest to it.